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Why Blog?

In an attempt to ward off the Chronic Boredom Syndrome (CBS?) that threatens to envelop me every now and then, I have decided to start blogging regularly, so that all of y’all can be regaled with delectable portions of my wonderfully interesting life. 😛

Posts can be viewed here. Additionally, you could check out the calendar on the right for posts made on a specific date.

Also, I’m going to use this blog as a graveyard for stories axed by my editor, and for listing published stories o’ mine. 😛

Disclaimer: Stuff on this blog (and other crap that I regularly spew forth all over the internet) portrays my own beliefs and shit, and in no way reflects those of my employers – ThanQ! 😛

Oh, and for the PTA and them ISPs (and whoever else is responsible for this) :: for fuck’s sake, QUIT BLOCKING BLOGS!!! It is entirely uncalled for, and is annoying to the core!!!

YEAH!!! 😛


1. CJ - October 5, 2006

row row row your boat gently in the sea of thoughts……..

2. unaiza nasim - October 15, 2006

contact me

3. Shehla - October 31, 2006

UKKHH!!! How I lost my beloved first blog to the Government’s paranoia!!!

4. Cecil - November 16, 2006

I’m still hungry

5. sherry - February 22, 2007

where do you live uzi

6. UZi - February 22, 2007


7. xia - March 11, 2007

wow … let me bookmark ya 😛

8. Faisal Naik - March 18, 2007

Welcome aboard

9. Faisal - May 14, 2007

You had a TT placed on your head?? whoah…WHOAH!!

Who happens to be your employer btw?

10. MB - May 17, 2007

meaow meaoww ! ! !

Nice blog.

11. asif - May 25, 2007

But in another post, UZI says a TT was pointed at her colleague’s head. Kind of conflicting I think.

12. asif - May 25, 2007

Here. She says a TT was pointed at her colleague’s head:

Mansoor: I’M saying that the MQM was responsible for making my city bleed today. And yes, I have proof — I was there. Field reporting has it’s advantages — you get to watch crap unfold before your eyes.

You know what it feels like when you have to lift a dead body that no one’s touched for hours? You know what it feels like to see a person shot and bleeding right in front of you? You know what it feels like when you know your friends are trapped inside the Aaj TV building and no one’s willing to help them? Helplessness is what you feel then — and rage. Infinite rage.

And no, I’m not blaming the MQM just because I’m angry. I’m blaming them because I *saw* them doing it. I saw them point a TT at a colleague and tell him to stfu. I saw them roam around in cars chokful of ammunition. I saw them kill, pillage and plunder today. I saw them attacking my friends in the Aaj TV building.

They made my city bleed today, and for this, they will NEVER be forgiven.
Posted by: UZi at May 13, 2007 12:42 AM

13. Fahad R - May 27, 2007

okay.. who is blocking blogs… ? internet is mylife… , nd i’ve not heard.. of it.. can u name… isp’s.. who are blockin .. ? honesltly… i think ur internet explorer must hav crashed… nd u thought ur isp is doin something…

14. ALIVEPAKISTAN.COM - November 21, 2007

Good blog

15. Idetrorce - December 16, 2007

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

16. Faronpo - March 20, 2008

Amazing text.., bro

17. batty - January 23, 2009

more power to you!

18. Daud Khan - May 25, 2011

this theme make u own self?

19. Anon - October 15, 2012

i dont know how i got here but i gotta say, you got a sweet blog dudeee! and i see you have the writer’s gift. Rock on homie! peace! =p

20. Johne465 - August 15, 2014

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