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Le Malang Journalista

This page contains links to my “journalistic” ventures, including published stories, as well as those axed by my editor. (Yes, I have a huge, ultra-bloated, bekaar ka ego. Go figure! :P)

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1. HJ - May 15, 2007

You have been a reporter for just six or so months and just three axed stories? That’s not bad at all, to be honest. Stories get spiked for all sorts of reasons, including censorship, and young reporters often find it very frustrating. Take heart, you have done well.

One thing to remember is to keep plugging away. As you rightly pointed out in another post on how to become a journalist, one of the biggest attributes one needs to be a really good journalist is to be able to work hard and long hours. Put those long and hard hours to very good use. You also said it’s important to learn new things – and learn quickly.

Mainstream journalism is not blogging and best not to mix the two. In mainstream media – particularly in a paper like the one you work for – the audience, the tone and the content are all important.

So before you write, think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. Think about how this fits or doesn’t fit with the types of stories your newspaper generally prints. If you are writing a ranting and raving piece, it may work in some publications but, I suspect, not in yours.

One mistake many young reporters make is that they put the writing ahead of content. Writing is important, no question. But so is the content.

In your Karachi piece, you had a point – and a very interesting perspective. So think about what better way you could have presented that perspective, that point. Because the story was spiked, your point and perspecitve never made it. Now think about why your “TT” story *did* get published and the Karachi story wasn’t.

Keep at it. You’ll get better with time.

Some of the reasons stories by new reporters are often spiked include the story needed a lot of work or they were out of their depths on the subject

In another post, your correctly pointed out

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