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Islamabad Airport blast: Who’s responsible? February 7, 2007

Posted by Bolshevik in Quasi-Political Crap.

There was another “suicide blast” in Islamabad yester-evening [Tuesday; February 6, 2007]. Only one person died — the would-be bomber himself, while two security officials were injured. However, the conspiracy theorists in my head got all up-and-clamouring after I saw the pictures which had come in on the wires. Now the thing is, this seriously doesn’t seem like an actual “militant attack.”

Why am I saying this? I have a bunch of reasons. They might not be correct — they’re probably just conspiracy theories, or results of me reading too much into these incidents. But that doesn’t mean the people in my head will shut up. They won’t.

Here’s what they have to say:

1) Suicide bombing never fails this badly. I mean, seriously. Even the tarmac on the road is intact.

2) The pictures which came in on the wires last night show that the bomber’s body is pretty much intact (except the part where he tied the bomb-thingums around his waist). I’m pretty darn sure our suicide-bomb-vendors know how to make better stuff (read: stronger bombs or something).

3) The guy had a very “Sharaee” beard. That’s, like, wayyyy too obvious — suspiciously so.

4) The reaction from ‘authorities concerned’ has been very “mild,” to say the least. The reaction after the Peshawer blasts (when the Peshawer CCPO and all were killed) was wayyyyyyyyy different. Everyone (authorities concerned) sat up attentively after the Peshawat blasts. The reaction to the Islamabad Airport blast, however, is more, like, “Yeah well oh well, whatever!” I work in a newspaper — all their reactions come to us. Security was “beefed up” in places, but something’s missing. I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but they’re just not clambouring like they should have.

5) When no “official” is injured (or killed), it generally points to an “agencies ki job” (not that I’m saying that the “agencies” did this — no siwwee bob! :P).

6) Like Ziyad pointed out on the NFP community (on Orkut), “If they really were tribal militants, I expect them to out-gun airport security officials any day.”

Here’re the pictures. The “labels” have been put in by the photo editors at APP and Online (click on thumbnail to view larger picture):

app82-06islamabad.jpg      app83-06islamabad.jpg     app84-06islamabad.jpg     pix06-89.jpg     pix06-91.jpg     pix06-92.jpg     pix06-93.jpg     pix06-94.jpg    pix06-95.jpg

[Pictures courtesy: APP and Online]



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