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Summer-Vacation-Karachi February 9, 2007

Posted by psykedelik in Random Crap.

I woke up pretty darn late today (3:15 p.m.) and I woke up exhausted — which is weird, because I think I slept for, like, 9 hours! [ Note to self: Work on stress relief, mate! Stress relief!]

Anyways, so the van came over around 4 p.m. like it usually does, and the weather outside gave me a pretty waala surprise. Karachi-land (yes, I’ll call it Karachi-land today, instead of Stinky-ville like I usually do) was all cloudy and pretty. This was the Karachi that I remembered from summer vacations of yore, and happy memories came flooding in.

We’d spend our alternate summer vacations with relatives here (once every 2 years) — July and August. Each day would be filled with happy stuff from the time I woke up to the time I was forced to go to bed at night (or atleast I remember each day that way). There’d be cartoons on PTv, and for once every 2 years, I’d be able to watch cartoons that weren’t Japanese animes dubbed into Arabic. 🙂

Not that I had anything against the Arabic cartoons in Abu-Dhabi — I still remember “Captain Majid” with the amazing gravity-defying footballers, and “Adnan wa Reema,” the brother-and-sister duo who had two halves ofthis medallion and were looking for something that I don’t remember anymore. I remember “Jazora,” the metal-eating dinosaur, and loads more! And then there was the Arabic version of Care-Bears, and My Little Pony, and Midgets, Smurfs and this other cartoon in English on Channel 8. I don’t remember what the official name of the channel was, but it was tuned at Number 8 on our television at home, so “Channel 8” it was! 🙂 *happy-dappy times*

So yeah, all that was Abu-Dhabi. Karachi would be Loony Toons, Silver Hawks, Thunder Cats, and all. ( I’m a huge cartoons fan! 😛 ) And then there’d be Chhupan-Chhupai (hide-and-seek) with the cousins, and Baraf-Pani and all sorts of rowdy games which I couldn’t play at home in Abu-Dhabi.

Outside the house, there were all those visits to Phuppi’s (paternal aunt) place, and Nani’s (maternal grandmother) place, and the best of all — Urdu Bazaar. I’d go wild there, and gather up all sorts of treasures! And the “cassette kahaanis,” which were recordings of stories in Urdu. Those cassettes had poems on them too, all sung out with music, etc. I think I still have them..

And Sumer-Vacation-Karachi had delightful thunderstorms. Electricity would of course disappear the moment the slightest drizzle hit the ground, but I remember none of us used to mind! We’d sit for hours around candlelight — all us cousins — and swap stories, or play games, and time would fly, and I’d sigh sadly when the electricity came back on. One of my cousins would take the motlen candlewax and roll it up into balls for me. I remember treasuring those balls, for they were a novelty for me — electricity was never dear in Abu-Dhabi, and we never had to use candles!

So yeah, Karachi today reminded me of Summer-Vacation-Karachi, and I forgot all the crap of the past few weeks. Life became simple again, and I got my “chhoti chhoti khusiaN” back.. 🙂

I also figured out something else — how much I love my parents and my sister, and how much I owe to my parents. I mean, they’re the only people in the world who’ve always been there for me — who’ll always BE there for me — who’ll always welcome me back with open arms, no matter how badly I fucked up. The moment I realized this, I regretted all the times I’d blown up at them for stuff, and the times when I’d hurt them emotionally. Today I realized what “home is where the heart is” actually means… no matter where I go, my parents’ house will always be home, and there will always be a place for me in it.

It rained in a few areas of Karachi today. The MET office is predicting thunderstorms tomorrow. So tomorrow will be another happy-dappy day! 🙂



1. Ushter - February 9, 2007

Hey Urooj 🙂
Dude reading all that reminded me of MY summer vacations as a kid cos I’d pretty much do the same thing, jetsetting b/w KSA and Karachi, and I remember one particular summer where there was a windstorm AND a thunderstorm AND a hailstorm and we were behind foggy windows at home, looking at stuff thrashing and flying about as if in a movie, and I remember the movie “cyborg” had just come out and I thought how could would it be to see jean claude van damme flying around in that windstorm outside.

2. Alam - June 18, 2007

while growing up inKHI, i never knew what vacation is, let alone summer vacation.

3. faisalk - December 31, 2007

Baraf Pani……….man.. u made me remember some funny stuff from the kiddy days haha….Karachi has the best thunder storms tho!

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