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How to be a journalist.. :P March 3, 2007

Posted by Bolshevik in Random Crap.

This post is especially for Ali, but can be used to scare away all other aspiring journalists as well. 😛


Okay, not that I’m qualified to write this or anything, given as how I’ve been a journalist for just a little over six months (seven months on March 17) — I’m just putting up stuff that I figured out of my own experience.

1) Be willing to work your ass of.
And I’m being very VERY serious when I say that. There’s no substitute for leg-work ( no, not that, you pervert! 😛 ) — especially when you’re just starting off.

2) The ability to pick stuff up really, REALLY quickly.
No one has the time to sit down and train other people — not in the conventional sense. You have to be able to pick up on pieces of data and piece them together to form valid bits of information — yourself.

3) Keep your eyes and your ears open at all times.
Everything is a potential story. Learn to recognize “newsworthiness.” For this, you have to learn to not be shy. You should be able to talk to anyone at all — on any topic that’s required.

4) Do not get (personally) involved in a story.
This I most definitely quote from personal experience. 😛 Stay detached and neutral at all times. Activism is not part of your job responsibilities, lest dragons swoop down on you and take you away to Narnia. 😛

5) Look up all possible angles and make your story as airtight as possible.
Your job is to present a balanced picture, and to “let the facts speak for themselves” (that’s what Mahim, our City Editor, taught me). Look at all nooks-and-crannies, and work out all kinks in the chain (of information). Try to stay away from second- and third-hand information as much as possible, and always double- and triple-check your sources.

6) Learn to filter out bullshit.
A lot of what politicians (and others) say is bullcrap. Learn to sift through mounds of bullshit to pull out information that you need.

7) I’ll add more points here later.



1. Fariha Akhtar - March 4, 2007

Interesting to read what it takes to be a journalist 🙂

2. Arooj - March 6, 2007

LOVEEEE IT! Especially # 7!

3. Salman Latif - March 25, 2007

LOLZ.Seems lik u belong to the “piss-off-those-wanna-b-journalists” department of ur newpaper. 😛

Anyway , this description further satisfies the “thrill n adventure” for me , hehe.So i m DEFINITELY gonna go for journalism “too.” “TOO” coz it’s jus one of the many things i wil b doin in near-future .

4. Qurat ul ain Siddiqui - April 27, 2007

hey urooj,
i like your blog. and posts! particularly this one.

5. faisalk - December 31, 2007

Ahhh so this where i am going to turn to for tips and tricks 🙂

good blog!!

6. bookermitchell8902 - April 9, 2016

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