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Why Karachi? Heck! Why *not* Karachi! October 4, 2006

Posted by psykedelik in Socio-Political Crap.

Disclaimer: The following write-up is prone to lots of gross generalizations, but that’s perfectly understandable; the author hails from Karachi. Judging others and making gross generalizations is “in her blood.”

The rabid principles of “whatever-ness” govern every aspect of life in this intensely messed-up city. Apathy, coupled with an almost primal desire to “rant,” makes the people of Karachi, in general, what they are today: idiot savants — thereby resulting in the current sorry state of the city.

We have come to take for granted a gazillion issues that would have appalled the generations of the 60’s and the 70’s. Like the fact that electricity will be dear during summer; or the fact that the city will be flooded during monsoons; or the fact that (most) men will leer at women; or the fact that traffic policemen will want to be bribed by bus drivers (and everyone else too) at every street intersection; or that parts of the city will forever be deprived of running water; or that most of the roads around the city always will be peppered with potholes; or the fact that angry mobs will throw stones at, and burn down fast-food enterprises and petrol pumps.

All this goes on, while rich aunties sit in their over-stuffed, designer living rooms, fan themselves and chirrup, “Oh my gawhd, Zareena/Nazneen/Shandy, the citay’s going to the DOGS! Oh, and what’re you going to wear at the GT tomorrow?” and rich uncles shake their heads and mumble about the government not doing what it should, potbellies jiggling in sync with their nodding heads: *nod-nod-nod-jiggle-jiggle-jiggle*

Not that our other “classes” are any better. The lower strata scratch their collective balls and dig into their collective noses, and consider themselves to be too weak to be able to accomplish anything at all, except scrape together dehaadis from one day to the next – or not!

The middle class, on the other hand, considers itself aloof from the “problems plaguing society today,” as it gears itself for the race to join the Fanning Aunties and the Nodding Potbellied Uncles of the upper strata.

The question that we, the citizens of Karachi, should be asking is not “Why Karachi?”, but given our general lack of interest in doing ANYTHING constructive at all, the question that we should be asking is, “Why NOT Karachi?” We sit back, sigh, maybe rant for a while in the comfort of our living rooms, and then go on with our petty daily lives while our homes are looted, our cellphones are snatched in public, our children are kidnapped and converted into misshapen beggars, our houses and shops are deprived of electricity and water, our government hospitals (and public beaches) stink of open sewer lines, and so on and so forth.

And no, it’s NOT the Government’s fault. It’s not the fault of “whoever-is-responsible”. It’s OUR fault. WE, the people of Karachi, are responsible for the current appalling state of our city. Owing to our indifference, we DESERVE to have this done to us, and to Karachi.

Why, though? Why is it that we don’t care anymore? Why is it that we see a patch of blood on the road and we spit beetle juice over it, cover it up, and walk away? I mean, something has to give! And “give” it does! Dig into the past 30-something years of Karachi’s existence, and the annals of history spew forth one name that can truly be held responsible for what we see today: General Ziaul Haq. We have something or the other to thank each of our dictators for: we have Ayub Khan to thank for the industrial revolution of the 60’s, we have Gen. Yahya Khan to thank for –wait, what IS it that we can thank Yahya Khan for? Oh yes! BANGLADESH! So moving on, we have President Musharraf to thank for the pseudo-modernization of today, AND we have General Ziaul Haq’s wiley “leadership” to thank for the “Mullah Revolution” (read: social and mental regression of Karachi).

In the 19-odd years that have followed General Zia’s death, the city of Karachi has been totally ignored, more than anyone else, by the very citizens of the city. Like an infected, pus-filled pimple that everyone’s been hoping will go away if they can leave it alone long enough! From the pseudo-leadership of the 80’s, “Operation Clean-up” of the 90’s, to the carnage that continues today, Karachi has been rife with racial and sectarian abuse.

By the time we realized that we had to take care of the city ourselves, it was too late. The Mullahs, the MQM, and other sectarian me-too’s had taken Karachi by the scruff of the neck, dragged it through excreta, thoroughly looted, pillaged, plundered and raped it — and left it for dead. All this was done, while the citizens of Karachi stood by and watched – maybe ranted about it for a while, but did nothing constructive to better the situation. The key word here is “constructive,” because we do take out rallies, shout slogans, wave flags, and generally rant and wave our arms indignantly, but what exactly has that brought us? Every rally and strike paralyses life in the city, affects small business, and in general, just pushes us back into medieval times, one step at a time.

Judging by the recent situation in the city – the effect of the monsoons, the “rallies”, etc. – it is high time that the people of Karachi shake themselves out of their current inanimateness, or as a friend very aptly puts it “We’re going to have to remove Karachi from the list of ‘cities’ pretty soon. We don’t get running water, electricity is dear, the roads are messed up, the people don’t care – we live in a village!”



1. Cecil - October 4, 2006

saii baat hai!

2. Umaima Bint Zia - October 4, 2006

yayy !! this is all s0 C0ol !! .. wish I c0uld write like that :C ..

.. but 0 well .. that’s why y0u’re here .. t0 write essays f0r me 😀 :> ..

3. Shehla - October 31, 2006

“Ka-raa-chiiiiii! Ka-raa-chiiii!! Humara pyaara Kaaa-raaa-chiiiiii!”

There! Now we have a song for our lovely decadent city >,>

SING IT WITH ME NOW! “Kaaa-rraaa-chiiiii….”

4. SS - March 18, 2007

Very well written. Cannot agree more with you. You do have a gift in expressing yourself.

5. kabir khan - January 2, 2009

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii karachi

6. kabir khan - January 2, 2009

mai krishan tumhari karachi ki maa chod tuga

7. mojo - January 4, 2009

Very true but how much power does the people of karachi have? It is controlled mafia style by the elite few. But then again i suppose BB’s death allowed the people to rampage the city how they liked for two days. All in all a good article, well done.

8. Mehmood ul Haque - January 24, 2009

Very true but how much power does the people of karachi have? It is controlled mafia style by the elite few. But then again i suppose BB’s death allowed the people to rampage the city how they liked for two days. All in all a good article, well done.

9. Eddy J - January 26, 2009

Good article,

Damn I’m ashamed to tell people I come from here…its a shit hole, in comparison to cities like Geneva, Paris, Tokyo etc etc. If only the populace could organize itself collectively to restore order and iron out the corruption. If only the people could strive to get educated. We need cooperation in a place like this, one person whoever he is – you or me, needs the coomon sense to ‘pick the litter off the floor, and place it in the bin’ as opposed to leaving it to someone else. The litter being an example, analogy of all the problems we face. Its our ‘leave it someone else’ atitude that we all selfishly personally have that create the hell we live in today.

10. hs - February 2, 2009

pakistan is the worst country ever

11. Great Islam - February 19, 2009

I am very shamed to say that i have Pakistani Passport “Bullshit Country” Pakistan the black pimple on Islam’s Face…..

12. moosa - April 7, 2009

karachi is my city ok its goood ga mqm

13. ahmed shah - May 28, 2009

everyone should take the responsibility for this city one of the biggest city of world with lot of problems always hope for the best

14. Hitter - July 14, 2009

Fuck mqm!!!!!

zaman - December 7, 2009

pathan zindabad

15. Arif Hussain - July 18, 2009

Am citizen of pakistan but i don’t love pak bcz of these things if someone give me the control of 48 atom bombs i will through all on pakistan……… i don’t want a single paki in this world,,,,,,,, we r that kind of people who can’t live happy n we can’t leave others to live there life

16. Fellow Pakistani - July 21, 2009


from a fellow heart broken Karachiite and Pakistani

17. Naidakhan - August 4, 2009


Have you all lost your brains? Karachi is plentyful and the weather is wonderful. The people are also great, i would rather spend £2000 to visit karachi and see family then to to the US or anywhere.

The question is “What is wrong with karachi” and the answer is very simple.
1. Over population causing diminishing resourses (water, electric)
2. Lack of meaningful education (no technical courses (everone wants to be a doctor or engineer))
3. Fuedal system still thriving in Pakistan, thus affecting all major cities

These main reasons are putting so much pressure on everyone that hell breaks lose from time to time.

How can it be resolved?
1. Make Pakistan NON-ISMAMIC state and restrict population 2 kids per family. While you are at it, tell the idotic musilms that its not allah’s will that you are screwing each other.. it is your own will, take some fcuking responsablility.
2. All land to be given to people who work on it (Distribution of wealth)
3. Every school to have 2 year technical training for anyone not going to the college.

18. curious - August 11, 2009

You wrote this in 2006. It is now 2009. Have your opinions changed?

19. Ahmer - August 23, 2009

this is a reply to mr/miss Naidakhan

all i need to say to u is fuck u bitch! get out of ur def phase 5 home and do something abt it then …

as far as the auther is concerned. welldone.

waleed qureshi - March 23, 2010

tum kanjar khud apni city ko ganda kehte matlab tum khud kisi gashti maa k bachey ho muje tu koi bburai nehi dikhti karachi mai

20. Noor - August 28, 2009

hey, pakistanis defence your gov. and country, because western countries don’t want a muslim country who has more power. so watch out bad gov. is better than without gov. you see what happening in iraq every day, people daying without nothing. when sadam Hussen was president iraq was peace and people live better life. not daying every day 100s of people.

21. Kris - September 13, 2009

Karachi was one time my ancestral place.
We got kicked out due to the Partition and left to go to India.
We had nothing on our backs but determination to rebuild and rise again, and we did well.
Rise the true origin Sindhis you have the right to claim it back and rebuild the city to its original fame.

22. UZi - November 4, 2009

@curious: Not really. The only difference is that now I’m involved more actively in “change” — organising workers and peasants politically, fighting alongside them, etc. A lot more needs to be done, though, before we can even think of betterment.

23. krishna - November 5, 2009

karachi was once a beautiful, civilized, lovely place (pre partition) the Sindhis (both muslim and hindu) lived very well together, and enjoyed a lovely civil society; then we all left to bombay on boats, hoards come from all over india to settle, over population got completely out of control, today is the result,

hidus, christians and parsis once played a vital role in the city, it was as multicultural as bombay, now when i visit my cousins who never left, i am sadened at the state of karachi, what a shame to my beautiful city

24. sajjad khawaja - December 22, 2009

hi karachi ko kis ki nazar lag gai keh karachi jal raha hai

25. Inshal khawaja - December 22, 2009

Khuda karachi ko abad o shad rakhay

waleed qureshi - March 23, 2010


26. Ali Khan - January 1, 2010

Karachi …. Name speaks for itself.ONE of the giant cities of the World.Financial capital of Pakistan!
The main Problem of my city Karachi is…No 1 want to see her developed,prosperous or civilized city although the people are still Civilized. ( No one means CBI,MOSAD,RAW) .. every day there is some craping bulshit done in Karachi in the name of Talibans but they are not talibans they are Actaully Agents of Indian Raw, CBI OR MOSAD…becoz there is nothing like TALIBANS OR AL QAIDA in this world.. this all is the Game of West to Muslim world!
…. but soon i’ll change the scene… they all have to gave answer to us.Inshallah

27. ZAIN-UL-ABIDIN - January 10, 2010

Allah karachi ko abad rakhe! inshallah! am 4m islamabad the capital city.i was born in karachi,and i love khi more then any place in the world! even if allah gives be choice where to live after end of da world i will say ‘karachi’! 4m this u all may believe how much i long 4 my city.when ever i listen abt any mishape occured in karachi i feel sooo sad.if allah gives me all hardships instead of giving it 2 karachi i will bravely face them so that my people and my city may remain safe 4 all… and i advise all karachites to work 4 karachi in all good ways and it should be home 4 all eg urdu speakers,punjabis,pashtuns,balochs etc i mean all origins of people.i visited khi in 2009 summervacations and saw the dreadful situation in the city.i also xperianced the long loadsheding of 17june which was my birthday! not only karachiites but all pakistanis should read my comment. i pray 2 allah to bless karachi n pakistan with all good things and ‘ittehad’ or unity…..karachi zindabad pakistan paendabad! n my last message v important is dat dont listen to non muslims,just hate there traditions n ways bcuz they want us 2 be influenced by them,they always want 2 destroy us and destroy our unity! plz plz understand the cause cuz we r on the way of a collapsed nation.hate indian hindus,non pakistani christians and isrelits or jews.

28. Another rant-monger - February 5, 2010

Great! The comments section itself demonstrates the causes of Karachi decline. If we look at the comments all-in-all, they seem to echo the following chants: “my karachi” “not your karachi” “screw karachi” “karachiite by some random mishap of fate” and blah blah. And then some obscure, quasi-Karachiites show up and blabber some incoherent mumbo-jumbo like demolish mosques, distribute a couple dozen condoms, kill Pakis, and then Karachi would rise to glory. I mean, if you don’t have anything worthwhile to say, then shut the fuck up!

All we (Karachiites) need to do is to get a fucking life. If we all just keep doing our part, and stop bitching about things without doing anything about it.

The author has done a great job writing this thing out. Quite thought provoking, though I don’t quite agree with some of the points raised in this article.

Oh, by the way … Geo News sucks! (Had to say that, lol.)

29. liban muhudin - February 11, 2010

i’m liban muhudiin,
i’m stdnt living in mogadisho/Somalia,just before one month i applied to join in Karachi university.that was my dream to be one of the students in Karachi,however,now i succeed to except.
i hope to come soon insh’ah.
i alwasy ofriad off the situation on there,i hear from the Radio that mey be get worse some times.
i real love your country i always respect to Educated there.
pls advice,what i do.
send me your answer liidhuule@hotmail.com or call me my phone +25215516364

30. malik - February 17, 2010

pathano ki maa ki chod

31. Sam - May 5, 2010

Look how people are still fighting in this Forum also.. thats why we always suspected if anything happens anywhere.. Shame on you guys those who have written such a bad comment here.. We should stop fighting and help our country and our City Karachi.. we dont want fighting and terrorism in our country. whatever happen to us today is because of us, we made its reputation bad. We just want peace that only comes when we change our mentality and start thinking about each other.. i m non-muslim but still i love my country. I LOVE PAKISTAN..

32. Mansoor shah - May 15, 2010

I am mansoor Hussain

you are right but
i think

33. Ali - May 28, 2010

Naida Khan makes some valid points…..only problem is how to fund all of that. I agree with the author’s views completely. Anyway…..Mera Karachi how I miss you dearly! I know you will recognize me when and if I get a chance to return, but will I recognize you. Stay as you are…..dirty and chaotic…..I love you still…..but may your sons and daughters know peace from ethic and sectarian hatred……I wish you were as peaceful as Singapore, but do not lose your essence.

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