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Retarded post signifying a new height (or is that a low?) in boredom :P October 3, 2006

Posted by psykedelik in Random Crap.

Taking up the idea from here, I decided to make some use of my boredom, and came up with the following ::  

I AM THINKING ABOUT: naughty stuff? food? naughty stuff with food involved? wtf 😛

I SAID: worrying about stuff doesn’t help any .. so think up ways and DO stuff to make the situation better, rather than sit and worry about it.


» Study political science and sociology with a minor in journalism from a tameez ki university, and get a decent education, rather than just a degree.. the bestest being “politics” and “journalism and contemporary history” from QMUL .. or bi-majors in political science and sociology from LUMS! *sigh*

» Travel all over the world .. meet people .. learn about languages and cultures..

» go bungee jumping, go-karting, bowling, and LOADS of other stuff!

» be known as a tameez ka (nay! kickass!) journalist and a human rights activist who can actually make a difference rather than just rant about stuff that everyone already knows about! 😛


» i had more time

» i didn’t need to sleep all of 10 hours! 😛

» i had an entire library of books all to myself!

» i had all the music i’ve ever wanted!

» i could help people out whenever i wanted to!

» i could fast-forward time and be able to directly go to a point where my life is all settled the way i want it to be.. this uncertainty and “not-knowing-what-will-happen-next-or-how-stuff-will-work-out-ness” is annoying and frustrating!

» i had someone to talk to who actually understood the pseudo-philosophical mumbo-jumbo that traipses through my head!

I WONDER: about why i’m here on earth … if my sole purpose was to “pray and glorify God” like them mullahs say, why was i bestowed with a higher intelligence than animals, birds and trees?


» the times when i’ve lost my cool and said stuff i shouldn’t have.

» the times when i trusted the wrong people (which haven’t been many, but enough to have caused an impact)

» the last week of may 2006 (when i was stupid enough to trust someone who ended up hurting someone very close to me).


» music.. it lives in my head!

» my thoughts as they try to formulate into words and get out of my head!

I AM: a person who loads of people *think* they understand, but it later turns out that they don’t know jack!

I DANCE: to get rid of extra energy that builds up inside me and refuses to leave … wish i could do it better, though!

I SING: loads of stuff, usually terribly off-key! 😛

I CRY: when i’m absolutely frustrated or very, very, VERY angry … both of which basically amount to the same thing … and I am NOT a cry-baby! people who call me a cry-baby should DIE! 😛

I AM NOT: someone who gives up easily.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: shitcakes 😛 .. wtf?! 😛

I WRITE: about loads of stuff!

I CONFUSE: nothing. i always know what i’m doing.

I NEED: a life? more money? a life? 😛



1. Emran - December 14, 2006

u sound interesting…lolz, i dont know why you’d wanna be a journalist , but i guess diffrent strokes for diffrent folks. Apart from that you have a pretty good sense of humour , its very uncomman. And about trusting people, you gotta take some risks…if you dont , then you might miss on friends u wished you should have made , or things that you wish u cudav had…not everyones worth it though so you gotta know your people. 🙂


i have the same opinion on “”“not-knowing-what-will-happen-next-or-how-stuff-will-work-out-ness””

2. UZi - December 26, 2006

It’s not about not taking risks — with me it’s more about thinking I know everything, and then being proved wrong. Although it hasn’t happened often — I’m pretty good at gauging people — but it’s not less annoying when it DOES happen. So I don’t “not” trust people, I just stay away, generally. It’s more of a self-protection mechanism than anything else, really! : )

3. Syed - February 5, 2007

[/b]I WONDER: about why i’m here on earth … if my sole purpose was to “pray and glorify God” like them mullahs say, why was i bestowed with a higher intelligence than animals, birds and trees?

My dear Sister, This shows that u need to read more about ISLAM. Our basic purpose is to “pray and glorify ALLAH and be obedient to ALLAH”. And thats why we are bestowed with higher intelligence. That is what our forefathers have done, when ISLAM was at the peak.
We have to use this intelligence to make this world a better place and as everything is created by ALLAH, so by praising somethings, for example, a very good scenery, we are actually praising ALLAH.

Its the duty of all us muslims, to bring out the best blessings of ALLAH within ourselves and work hard in this world, but within the limits set by ALLAH and HOLY PROPHET (Sallalaho alaihi Wasallim)

4. mysticsmuses - February 18, 2007

”WONDER: about why i’m here on earth … if my sole purpose was to “pray and glorify God” like them mullahs say, why was i bestowed with a higher intelligence than animals, birds and trees?”

. Even writing a good piece of an article is a way to praise Allah.

. Helping people too is a way to praise Allah.

. The conventional 5-times a day prayer is the best way of keeping one’s soul purified so that one spends a better time in this life as well as the next life.

. We are bestowed with a higher intelligence as compared to other livings becomes so that we make life better for ourselves as well as other living beings. I firmly believe that a hard working journalist who is honest about his/her work would be more lovable to Allah as compared to a ‘mullah’ who does nothing but prays 5 times a day. I am not trying to diminish the importance of praying 5 times a day anyways…

5. Qazi Fazli Azeem - February 23, 2007

Compared to me, you are the most normal person in the world :P, theres a word for people who are different, “evolution”.

6. Jibz - February 26, 2007

paghal ee oi !!!

7. shehryar - March 2, 2007

interesting !

8. Farooq - April 5, 2007

as far as i know lums and u – u are better off without studying in lums. ppl at lums do brag about lots of stuff, may be some of them want to make world a better place but they dont know anything about the poor or the situation in the country and what a common man thinks. most of them 1 dum mummy daddy. I am telling you bcz I have heard many discussions and cudnt stop myself from laughing.
the guyz at lvs (lums volunteer society) usually do the “helping the ppl out” work but the only people that are affected, by their efforts, are usually janitors and lower staff at lums. u on the other hand have first hand knowledge/information about ppl (may be I am wrong, but it seems that way from your writings).
may be u can go to lums and teach those mummy daddy kids whats going on outside their fantasy world OR may be you will learn about their fantasy world 🙂
thats just my point of view – and every1 is entitled to his/her point of view – right ?? 🙂

9. Mariam - April 9, 2007

Interesting character you are. Highly self absorbed and quite amusing.

10. UZi - April 9, 2007

haina! I’m so frikkin’ full of myself, it’s not even funny anymore!!!

PS: This blog has now been shifted to http://thinkisms.blogspot.com/

11. zuhair - June 21, 2007

Allelse sems fine BUT wat u wonder!!!! its almost so very definate that u dont urself have the answer thats y u wonder. Then y jump 2 conclusions that this is or is not the sole purpose of life??? it should be opened to discussion with an open mind and not with a left brain!!

I wonder if u have ever read about NLP…or somthing about the time theory!!

I agree that praying and glorifying our lord is not the ONLY purpose of one’s life, though it definately is ONE!!!

the reason why GOD gave us better brains is betteer explained by him only..GOD say that i created men to explore things and world within the limits and to create peace which the animals are less expected to form!!!

I wonder if u even believe in GOd or not!!! if u do then one thing is for sure that v r his slaves and slaves are not chosers!!! V r on the mercy of our master…al v can ask from our masters is mercy!!

N if u r the one who doesnt believe in GOD..then i would sugest u read time theory..it will best explain u things!!!

But keep this thing in mind..that makin GOD happy is one very important purpose of life if not the sole one

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